Our Mission and Present Status

1. Japan Special Libraries Association – Our Mission and Present Status

  • Goal

    Our goal is to promote cooperation among various libraries, including libraries and information management centers in government offices, local assemblies, private institutions, research institutions, enterprises, universities and colleges, and other organizations, for profitable library activities, and to advance the profession of library and information science.

  • Brief History

    Japan Special Libraries Association was established on March 28, 1952, just when the need for cooperation among libraries and information centers in government offices, local assemblies, private institutions, enterprises and other organizations had become increasing. Original foundation consisted of Kansai Chapter (formed on March 17, 1952) and Kanto Chapter (formed on July 22, 1952), of which were formed at about the time of the establishment of the Association. Subsequently, Chubu Chapter (November 24, 1955), Kyushu Chapter (April 30, 1956), Hokkaido Chapter (August 31, 1956), Tohoku Chapter (November 24, 1958), Chugoku Chapter (June 28, 1961) were formed. It has now grown into a nationwide organization. The abbreviated title for the Japan Special Libraries Association is “Sentokyo”.

  • Organization and Governance

    Sentokyo is governed by the Executive Board and the Planning Board under the President (The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Vice-Presidents (The presidents of the regional Chapters, Deputy Director of the National Diet Library). The activities and programs of Sentokyo are discussed by the Executive Board and the Planning Board and then resolved at the general conference.

  • Mission

    1. Fulfill and expand the network around the National Diet Library

    2. Fulfill the network and inter-library cooperation among special libraries

    3. Develop training projects actively to promote professional librarianship

    4. Promote research activities to advance information management technology for the special libraries

    5. Publish and edit to widely inform the activities and achievements of Sentokyo

    6. Enrich the promotional activities for the expansion of the Sentokyo organization

    7. Activate international communication and exchange

  • For the Future

    We recognize that Sentokyo’s effort on meeting the goals of its mission is significant to the library community. Transition into further active and attractive organization is essential to meet the goals. We need to ensure a structure that would help Sentokyo activate in developing programs continuously. Expansion of membership and staff to support the organization is indispensable.

    Today we are in the time of transition, with economical and social demands changing everyday. Library community is not exceptional. We will continue with our effort to change into an attractive organization that actively plans and develops programs to meet the demands of the age.